Do I Finally Have A Daddy’s Boy?

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On September 29, 2015 I was blessed with my 3rd Son. Could it be that this time I have a Daddy’s Boy?

I love the other two to death but Holy Moley they are the biggest Mommas Boys on the planet. They have a good Mom so I’m not upset about it but I always thought about how nice it would be to have a Daddy’s boy or even a Daddy’s girl for that matter. No girls yet but I’m hoping that my newborn son will really want to hang out with his old man.

Baby BoySo far I can’t really tell. I mean he does spend an awful lot of time hanging on to my wife. I guess he has to eat and he would be sorely disappointed if he tried to get any milk from me. His face also lights up every time his Mom looks at him. He smiles at me too but I get a lot more disgusted looking faces. As far as physical contact he does like to slap my face and pull my ears when I get close to him.

Oh well, he may not be a Daddy’s boy yet but I have hope!

Baby BoyBaby Boy

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